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The proceeds of the book will be donated to ILP Foundation

This eBook is published in a format suitable for a Kindle reader which is Amazon's brand of readers. However, Amazon provides 'applications' (little special browsers) to download for free which allow the book to be read on iPhones, iPods, PC, and Android phones. BlackBerry applications are only on offer on the US Amazon site (that's the one with .com at the end). You can download the application from the same site where you would buy the book.

Kindle Store

'Columnbina: Insights - Growing up at Almost 50' will initially be available as Kindle format. Please purchase via Amazon on:

U.S. A:


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ePub Format

I am looking into the publication of ePub format at the moment and will post this information on this page once it is available.

Applications for Kindle

Kindle applications for PC, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, iPod, Android are available at the Kindle store. Links for the respective application are displayed next to the book information

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